About The Savannah Bag Company

The Savannah Bag Company began with a simple painting. One day, a local Savannah physician was in her office, staring at a painting by her favorite artist: her grandfather. With its playful imagery and pops of colors, it perfectly represented the charm of Savannah's bustling River Street and the thriving culture of the city. With a desire to share the image with other locals, the Savannah Bag Company was born.

About the Founder and Artists

Dr. Nicole Momberg Cohen

Nicole founded The Savannah Bag Company in 2016 with the simple hope to share her and her grandfather's artwork in a fun and creative way with other Savannah locals and visitors. As an internal medicine physician by day, and a mother of two by night, Nicole has always been passionate about starting a business that combines her love for both art and fashion. Prior to attending medical school, Nicole earned a master's in business administration, while working as an associate handbag and accessories buyer at HSN. When she’s not caring for patients or chasing her toddlers around Forsyth Park, Nicole enjoys painting, interior design and anything with Southern charm.

Robert Kevin

Robert Kevin, or “Papa” as he is fondly known by his friends and loved ones, is the epitome of the family patriarch. A jack-of-all-trades, Robert raised three beautiful daughters and seven adoring grandchildren and has spent the majority of his 87 years as both an artist and art enthusiast. A lover of abstract art, his inspiration comes from the vibrant, colorful pieces of Picasso, Miro’ and Pollack. His works can be seen hanging in the halls of homes, offices and galleries across the South.​ Robert's original River Street Painting was the inspiration for the business and continues to be a collection favorite.  


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